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Arrive at Tehran IKA Airport where you will be met and taken to your hotel.

Day 1

Take off your vacation with a leisurely tour around The Golestan Palace and National Museum, Jewel or Contemporary Art Museum. Fly from Tehran to Shiraz, one of the most significant sites of the ancient world.

Day 2

Explore Shiraz, a city which is well-known for its Persian lyrics, roses, cypresses and nightingales. Start your sightseeing at the beautifully decorated Nasir al-Mulk mosque. Then continue to visit the 19th century Narenjestan Palace (Orangery).This afternoon visit the peaceful tomb and pavilion of the poets Hafiz and Saadi. Eventually, conclude your sightseeing at Shiraz’s conventional market the Vakil Bazaar (closed Friday) which still retains much of its 18th century character.

Day 3

The drive to Isfahan is unforgettable, en route you will stop off at Persepolis one of the world’s most magnificent archaeological sites. The site was the ceremonial of capital of the Achemenid kings, featuring the remains of the palaces of Darius the Great, Xerexes and Artaxerxes the era brought to life by bas reliefs of kings and courtiers from across the Persian Empire. At Naqsh-E Rustam, you can see four tombs and one building from Achaemenid dynasty with a group of ancient Iranian rock reliefs cut into the cliff from Sassanid density.

Day 4

This stunning 17th century (Isfahan) capital city of Safavid offers you a whole parade of wondrous sights. Jame mosque, ancient bridges, the Armenian Quarter with its churches  and cathedral of Vank. At the end, you will enable to haggle in Bazaar.

Day 5

Isfahan’s moment of glory came in 4 centuries ago which brings a great deal of unspoiled sites.Start at the Chehel Sotun Palace, then walk the short distance to an attractive square framed by the Imam (Shah) mosque, it is renowned as the supreme perfection of Islamic architecture on one side, and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with its colorful detailed tile work ranking among the best in the world on the other. Finally, you visit the Ali Qapu Palace.

Day 6

Depart Isfahan to Tehran, on the way, visit Natanz a quiet mountain town which was a favored hunting spot for the Safavid kings, its Masjid-e-Jame mosque is one of the most fabulous in Iran. In addition, it has carried out portal decorated of 13th century via beautiful blue tiles and Islamic calligraphy and then visit Abyaneh village where has taken back to clay buildings. Next, continue to Kashan where is supposed to be the epitome of every relevant aspect of Persian .On arrival, visit the city’s lovely “Fin Garden”. Late this afternoon reach in Tehran.

Day 7

Transfer to Tehran International Airport and check-in for your prearranged flight.

Day 8

The Heart of Persia

Tehran / Tehran

8 Days


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The Heart of Persia

Tehran Tehran

8 Days -


The Heart of Persia

Be spoiled by the offerings of Iran where is rich in historical sites, memorable culture, and charming hospitality.

The Heart of Persia