Country: IRAN
State: Gilan


Bandar Anzali, the First and the largest Iranian Port in the Caspian Sea

Bandar Anzali, the City of Rain

Bandar Anzali is the central part of Anzali County in Gilan Province in the north of Iran. This city has the first and the largest port in Iran on the southern coasts of the Caspian Sea. According to statistics, Anzali is the rainiest city of Iran. Therefore, it is known as the "City of Rain".

The Sister Cities of Bandar Anzali

This port was announced as the sister city of Nahavand in 2011. Bandar Anzali also has sister city agreements with Huế (Vietnam), Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan) and Aktau (Kazakhstan).

What You Should Know about the Natural Attractions of Bandar Anzali

A part of the natural environment of Bandar Anzali is formed by the sea (40 km coastal strip) and the other important part is formed by Anzali Lagoon ecosystem.

The most important characteristics of Bandar Anzali are its strategic location, nature and the Anzali Free Trade Zone. As a result, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit the port throughout the year.

Anzali International Lagoon, the Growth Place of Water lilies

Anzali Lagoon is a freshwater lagoon, considered as a good habitat for birds. It is also a fish spawning place and the shelter of endemic and migratory birds. As a result, Birdlife International Organization has distinguished the lagoon as “the important habitat of birds”.

A wide range of the unparalleled ecosystem of this lagoon is Sarkhankal Preserved Area. This area is the only way to reach Anzali Lagoon in which water lilies grow. Anzali Lagoon is also one of the main places for terns to lay their eggs.

Anzali Lagoon is the sister lagoon of Koshiro Lagoon in Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park in Japan. Boating on this lagoon is also one of the most enjoyable moments of trip to the lagoon.

Eshpella Forest Park

Eshpella Forest Park is one of the most spectacular areas around Bandar Anzali where there are many rare and old trees. One of the most important trees of the area is Zelkova carpinifolia, with a height of 70 meters, which is categorized in Ulmaceae Family. Visitors will take the opportunity to visit a swamp at the heart of the forest. In addition, there is a river next to the forest where many tourists go fishing.

The Monuments of Bandar Anzali

Anzali Hafezieh

The coastal boulevard is one of the attractions of Bandar Anzali, overlooking the Caspian Sea and the portal establishments. Anzali Hafezieh is located in the coastal boulevard next to the city hall.

The building was named so due to its high similarity to Shiraz Hafezieh. Anzali Hafezieh, built in 1932 by a group of German engineers, used to be a concert venue. However, it is used for displaying artworks and handicrafts at present.

Anzali Palace Military Museum

The Palace of the Military Museum in Bandar Anzali is one of the city's spectacular sights. It is located in the Mian Poshteh Area between Anzali and Goziyah Bridges in the middle of a beautiful garden. This historical palace was built in 1929 at the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Currently, the palace is used as the Museum of Navy. Therefore, a variety of warm and cold weapons belonging to the Safavid era up to now are preserved here. As well, the replicas of various types of naval warships are kept in this museum.

On the second floor of the museum, there are the furniture used by Reza Shah and his guests. In addition, very well-made wooden shelves, candlesticks, bronze watches, porcelain and crystal bowls and dishes are preserved in this section. Some of the exhibits are gifts presented from foreign heads of states to Reza Shah. Among these gifts, there is a radiogram, which had been bestowed on Reza Shah by Hitler.

Two valuable paintings are also showcased in the museum. The "Hanging Partridge" painting by Kamal al-Malik, the great Iranian painter, and the "Labor" painting by Naser al-Din Shah, the king of Qajar, are preserved in the museum. Another beautiful piece of art in this museum is a chandelier carved from a single piece of wood hanging from the ceiling of one of its rooms.

The Coastal Village

The coastal village, lied in Ghazian Neighberhood between Shalvar and Bibi Hourieh Neighberhood, is the largest garden city in Iran. It has been among the most beautiful tourist towns since the construction date, 1969.  

Anzali Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, lied in Anzali Square and behind Sepah Bazaar, is one of the oldest monuments in Bandar Anzali. It is noteworthy that the clock of this tower still shows time correctly. The Clock Tower was built by the order of Khosrow Khan Gorji, the ruler of Gilan in Anzali, in 1851. 

Ghazian Bridge

Standing on top of Ghazian Bridge is the best choice for those who are interested to view both sea and swamp landscape. It is interesting to know that people used to rove about Bandar Anzali by boat because there was no land way. As a result, Ghazian Bridge was constructed to connect the city to Rasht. This 70-year-old bridge is one of the few drawbridges in Iran.

Bandar Anzali’s Souvenirs

The main souvenirs of Bandar Anzali are edible fish of the Caspian Sea, which are sold in the fish market. Different types of local vegetables, olives, garlic and pickles are also other popular souvenirs interesting for tourists. Approximately, all these souvenirs are available in a local market called "Saturday Market". In Bandar Anzali, the handicrafts are made of wood and reed. In addition, local sweets of Bandar Anzali include Honey Halva, Kaka and Nabati.

Get Better Acquainted with the Religion of People in Anzali

The majority of people in Bandar Anzali are Shia Muslim; however, some of them are Christian. Professor Ahmad Nouri Zadeh, the founder of Armenian Studies Foundation, was born in this coastal city. He is the only non-Armenian poet who recites his poem in Armenian Language. His Armenian poems are taught in the textbooks of Armenia Country. It is interesting to know that he learned Armenian language in Anzali from his Armenian neighbors.

Bandar Anzali, the City of Water Lilies

Going on a trip to Iran is recommended to everybody who is interested in visiting port cities. You are offered unforgettable strolling in the beautiful cities, ending to the sea, and the melodious voice of ships horning.

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