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Arrive at Muscat International Airport where you will be met and taken to your hotel.

Day 1

Start your city tour from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the 5th biggest Mosque in the world. Then proceed to Royal Opera, a reflection of the unique contemporary Omani architecture. Afterward, explore Mutrah Souk, the oldest Bazaar in Oman. After visiting National Museum, the showcase of the nation’s heritage from the earliest human settlement in the Oman Peninsula, you make a photo stop and take photo from the outline of Al Alam Palace. At the end, some grilled fish is served for dinner

Day 2

Visit Muscat coast by boat or dhow then explore Daymaniyat Islands includes 19 islands and is located in the north of Muscat. Explore this interesting island and enjoy the underwater adventures. In the afternoon, return to Muscat.

Day 3

Start the day by visiting Bait al Zubair Museum in which you can find the collection of jewelry and explore Muscat Coast by boat or dhow. Then leave Muscat. On the way, visit the fort and fish Souk in Quriyat, enjoy strolling in Fins Beach and have an excursion by 4*4 to Wadi Shab. Overnight in Wadi Shab Resort.

Day 4

In the morning, stroll in the area; visit the beach, villages around and Falaj (traditional irrigation system). Then depart for Sur. En route, visit Qalhat Ancient city in which you can visit Bibi Miriam Mausoleum, registered in UNESCO. Afterward, have a sightseeing in Sur including Bilad Sur Castle, Sunaysilah Fort, traditional dhow factories, open-air Museum and Al Ayjah Lighthouse. Proceed to Ras Al Hadd, the east of Sur, in order to visit Turtle Beach and Ras Al Jinz Beach. Return to Sur.

Day 5

Depart Sur for Wahiba Desert. Stroll in Wahiba Sands all day. Make a stop in a local house and visit Bedouins life. Enjoy 4*4 and camel riding. The dinner is served in a local house. Spend overnight in the camp.

Day 6

Proceed to the west toward Nizwa. En route, visit Traditional local Market (if possible) and Ibra historical district, in Sinaw visit its abounded district. Before Nizwa, walk in Birkat al Mouz Village and visit its ruins and Falaj Irrigation System. Overnight in Nizwa.

Local Markets:

Ibra Woman Market: Wednesday

Sinaw Camel and fish Market: Thursday

Nizwa Cattle Market: Friday

Day 7

Exploer Nizwa in the morning including Fort and Silver Souk, known for silver jewelry and Khanjar Souk. Afterward, have an excursion to Bahla and visit its fort, registered in UNESCO, and Pottery Souk. Then visit Jabrin Castle located in the south of Bahla. Finally, stroll in Al Hamra, the old mud city, and visit Bait al Safah Museum. Continue to Misfat Alabriyyin. Take a walk and overnight in Misfat Al Abriyyin.

Day 8

Gaze at Sunrise in Misfat Al Abriyyin. Local breakfast is served in resort then depart for Muscat. En route, visit Jebel Akhzar Mountain where is famous for its labyrinth of wadis and terraced orchards, Bilad Sayt and Wadi Bani Awf. Afterward, visit Nakhl and its Fort. Finally visit Barka and its Fort and Souk. Drive along seaside to Muscat.


***Closure of Nakhal Fort:

From 1 May 2019 until further notice

Meanwhile for all existing bookings we will replace it by Al Hazm Castle according to each itinerary.

Day 9

Transfer to Muscat International Airport and check-in for your prearranged flight.

Day 10

A Combination Of Modernity And Tradition

Muscat / Muscat

10 Days


About This Tour


A Combination Of Modernity And Tradition

Muscat Muscat

10 Days -


A Combination Of Modernity And Tradition

A Combination Of Modernity And Tradition

In this journey, you will visit a combination of tradition and modernity. The modern mosques, royal operas, … are the fabulous signs of modernity in the larger cities, especially Muscat. On the other hand, traditional markets, abounded areas, ruins and forts take you to the past.

A Combination Of Modernity And Tradition