Mount Tochal at the of Iran’s Capital


Mount Tochal, standing like a white wall in the north of Tehran, is so popular among athletes and climbers. It is the best place to stay away the chaos of urban life. Its mesmerizing foothills also provide a good opportunity for a delightful mountain climbing.

The foothills of this mount offer a variety of recreational activities. The most important ones include skiing, cable riding, telesage, sledding and bungee jumping.

Tochal, One of the Highest Mounts of the Alborz Range

Tochal is located in the south of central Alborz Range. With a height of 3,963 meters, this mount attracts many climbers from all over the world. The best time to climb this mount is spring and fall seasons.

The southern foothills of Mount Tochal lie at the vicinity of Tehran and offers a spectacular view to the city.

What are the Most Important Climbing Routs Leading to Mount Tochal?

You can find the climbing routes leading to Mount Tochal below.
1- Darband Valley: this route passes Shirpala Hub and is considered the most important route to Mount Tochal.
2- Kolakchal Mount: this route starts from Jamshidieh Park, situated in the east of Tehran, passes Mount Kolakchal and ends Split Pass.
3- Darakeh Valley: This route starts from Darakeh Valley, passes Palangchal hut and ends Mounts Tochal.
4- Darabad Heights: it is the most technical route. So, the climbers are recommended to climb this route with high physical fitness in the winter.

The Rich Vegetation of Mount Tochal

Enjoying numerous springs, the foothills of this mountain is a good place for plants to grow. Many of them are native Iranian plants, and some of them just grow in the heights.

Shirpala Shelter in Tochal

Recreational Facilities of Tochal at a Glance

As mentioned, this mount doesn't just belong to mountain climbers. Actually, its various recreational facilities match the taste of all people with every physical fitness. In the following, we introduce some of these facilities.

Tochal Cable Car, One of the World's Longest Gondola Lift Lines

Cable car is one of the most popular attractions of this complex, and includes three main lines, three telesage lines and a Ski lift. Three main 7500-meter-long cable car lines are of the longest gondola lift lines in the world.

The construction project of this cable car started in 1975 with the cooperation of a French and an Austrian company. In the continue, this project was developed by Iranian engineers. In total, this recreational complex includes 7 stations. The first and the second stations are 2000 meters and 2300 meters high respectively. The fifth station is 3000 meters high, and the seventh one is 3700 meters high.

Tochal Cable Car in winter

Tochal Ski Resort

This 3500-meter-high ski resort is situated in a close distance from the capital, and is equipped with up-to-date facilities. In the rainy years, this resort is covered with snow for 8 months. With a height of 3500 meters, it is the first snowy resort

This resort is 1200 meters long and enjoy ideal ski slopes for professional skiers. There is a skiing school in this resort in which you can be trained by ski professional trainers.

Snowmobiling, an Exciting Winter Entertainment

Snowmobiling is an exciting activity in which you move over snow. The resort of snowmobiling is situated in the 7th cable car station, next to the ski resort. It takes 1.5 kilometers to go snowmobiling on a round trip.

Tochal Hotel with a Beautiful View to the Foothills of Alborz

It is a memorable experience to stay in a hotel with a view to the mountains. If the weather is clear, you are also offered a view to Tehran metropolis. In addition, you go for a delicious breakfast in the snowy weather of the mountain.

Tochal hotel, launched in 2002, is situated close to the ski resort in the height of 3500 meters. The hotel has 2 floors and 30 accommodation units. Moreover, it has a wooden façade.


Tochal Walkway Leading to Tehran Roof

This walkway, known as health rout, starts from the lowest part of Velenjak Quarter and ends in a cable car station. The endpoint is known as Bam-e Tehran (literally means Tehran Roof) due to its eye-catching view to Tehran. After walking on the health route, you can have a delightful rest in this area.

Tochal Walkway Leading to Tehran Roof

Mount Tochal; a Good Destination for Walking, Climbing and Exciting Entertainments

On your trip to Iran, don’t lose the experience of walking on the foothills. You can also try various entertainments and sports. This complex ensures a long snowy season from the early fall to the early spring. It is located in a close distance from Tehran and offers beautiful climbing routes that attract climbers.

Iran is located in the most important orogenic belt, known as Alpine-Himalayan belt. So, it is an attractive destination for professional climbers from all over the world. Damavand, the most important and the highest mount of Iran, hosts different domestic and international plans annually.

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