Our Philosophy

1001 Nights Tours has set its goal on creating a new definition of travelling. We believe that travel is not just summarized in moving to another country; actually, it is a unique experience you keep in your mind for life. While designing our trips, we consider special activities such as interaction with prominent people so that you experience a special trip.

During the trip, the guests are immersed in a new world and get back with a wealth of knowledge. The positive feedback from our European and international partners demonstrates we are on the right path with this strategy. While designing a trip, we put the viewpoint of our partners first. Actually, we consider business as a joint project we bring to a successful conclusion together. Our business is our passion, and we believe that long-term success is only possible through passionate work combined with professional knowledge.

Our drive, as an incoming tour operator, is to be your trustworthy DMC in the target destination. It is a pleasure for us to convince you of our proficiency because our proficiency is our product!

CEO of 1001 Nights Tours in the presentation of the exhibition

Our Mission

1001 Nights Tours aims to bring people together to realize peaceful dialogues among people around the world. We consider travel as the best way to get to know other ways of life up close, so we see ourselves as a bridge between living worlds. The image we convey of the target destination is a collage of the best that a country can offer. In order to have a better cooperation, we do endeavour to show you better understanding, new pictures and perspectives.

Whoever travels with us sees the world through different eyes because we see what others overlook!

CEO of 1001 Nights Tours in presentation

Our Products and Services

1001 Nights Tours offers a wide range of products and services. Actually, our resources allow us to operate both classic and special tours for the booked destination. We are also your local B2B partner when it comes to providing special services. We are your reliable service provider for the destinations of Iran and Oman from booking individual services to operating tour packages, whether as a private or group tour. We will provide you with all the individual services you need to put together your tour services and form a package quickly in the highest possible quality. It is mentionable that you have the opportunity to get everything you need for your tour from a single supplier, whether booking luxury hotels, modern vehicles, qualified guides to applying for a visa.

We are pleased to design package trips for you that can be sold directly so that you won’t need to modify it again. You will see that our products and services will be sold well because you know your customers, and we understand what product your customers wish!

Our Story

1001 Nights Tours is a concept having been created after years of experience and passion. Our CEO has been a tour guide and a well-known manager in the tourism industry for over 20 years. During his activity as a tour guide, he had this idea in his mind to establish a competent and strong incoming agency on the market. Meanwhile, he came to conclusion that the itineraries offered in the destinations were too simple and inflexible, so our company was founded with the purpose of offering tailor-made and special tours such as mountain climbing, study tours and bird watching tours as well as classic tours to European and worldwide tour operators. The point is that you can benefit all the mentioned services and more through 1001 Nights Tours as a single supplier.

Our next step was expanding our services and destinations to Oman, which was fulfilled successfully. We are currently an experienced and successful incoming agency in Iran and Oman and would like to take on new exciting challenges in order to make more achievements.

You can rely on us because we have been on the market as a specialized incoming agency for a long time, and will remain so in the future!

Mr. Arash Moeini , CEO of the 1001 Nights Tours

The Benefits You Gain with Us

What makes 1001 Nights Tours different is its ability to see the services and products from the perspective of the customers.

While running a tour, the key data and requirements offered by the customers for booked travel services are our guideline, and we will not give up until the perfect result is achieved. With us, you receive well thought-out planning, flexibility and knowledge of all the details for every single tour. As an incoming agency, we organize tours to Iran and Oman and provide you with the rich knowledge we have of local conditions.

Our sophisticated negotiation strategies and access to special local resources allow us to offer you an exclusive package. The package we offer includes both classic and special trips, which we have operated in a variety of ways.

We are confident that there is undiscovered potential in every destination, so we do strive to discover it precisely and to achieve a better positioning of the destinations we offer to the European and international market.

During the trip, you benefit from the treasury of our experience and knowledge. Once you work with us, you will not look for anyone else because we provide everything you desire!

CEO and founder of the 1001 Nights Tours in ITB Berlin 2019

Our Partners

1001 Nights Tours has been cooperating with well-known international partners for a long time and maintains particularly intensive cooperation with European partners. According to our portfolio, we have not only customers for classic tours, but also customers who wish to experience very special trips. In addition, we understand the language of our partners, not just in a linguistic way,

If you, as a tour operator, place great value on trust, professional knowledge and experience, we are honoured to prove ourselves to you and bring joint travel projects to a successful conclusion with you. If we share the same values, success is close!

Our Profile

1001 Nights Tours is a B2B tour operator specialized in incoming tours. We offer both luxury and middle-class services for destinations of Iran and Oman. Thanks to the wide range of products and our long-term activity on the market, we succeeded to develop into a trustworthy partner for our European and international customers. Due to our well-prepared services, thoughtful ideas and high experience; there is almost no trip that we would not be able to run. Our independence from governmental body allows us to have unlimited access to local resources, which is particularly important for booking hotels. This fact allows the tour operators and us to have a completely free hand when designing trips.

Our company consists of a marketing department in which the staff speak your language, the operations department in which all your orders are operated, and the accounting department, dealing with everything related to finance.

We have succeeded to establish a unique company because we appreciate uniqueness, and it is the key to our success!

1001 Nights Tours team at the Fitur Spain 2018

Our Team

1001 Nights Tours is based on competent and experienced employees who are regarded as the heart of the company. We also believe that every successful project is backed by a hard-working team. We solve problems in the team, and everybody always looks for the best solutions. The combination of the young and dynamic team with the high experience of our CEO, creates the best conditions for smooth, on-going trips.

Among the advantages of our team, we can refer to organizational skills, access to the best service suppliers and familiarity with the target market; in addition, the staff in every department speaks the language of the sales region, which is of the highest relevance for the quick understanding and adjustment of the services booked before and during the tours.

Our team would be pleased to convince you of its competence, because if you have something to offer, you will operate it with pleasure!

1001 Nights Tours team at the ITB Berlin 2017